Woman body is prone to changes that occur over a period of time. Right from the menstruation to menopause, there are plenty of things that happen in a woman body. Vaginal discharge is a common and regular occurrence in a woman’s body. It is a coloured discharge released from the vagina. There are different types of discharge that indicate the normality and severity of the condition. It is essential to pay attention to changes in the discharge frequency and colour in order to detect any issues at the earliest.

While it is important to be regular with your primary doctor, it is also highly essential to locate your ideal gynaecologist who can best understand your body. Though vaginal discharge is normal, any slight changes in your discharge must be taken seriously as it can lead to several other severe problems. Bacterial infection or yeast is the common cause of the abnormal discharge. Hence, it should be taken seriously.

Types of Vaginal Discharges You Must Know About

If you happen to notice some unusual looking discharge with a foul smell, you must instantly go to the best gynae in Ghaziabad and get yourself completely checked. Take a look at some common types of vaginal discharge that you must be aware of:-


White coloured discharge is one of the common types that is generally occurred at the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle. It is normal to have discharge around your menstruation. But, when it accompanies with itchiness and has a thick consistency, you must consult your gynae regarding this situation. It can be a significant symptom of yeast infection.

Watery and Clear

It is perfectly normal to have a clear and watery discharge. This type of discharge can happen at any time of the month, so you can expect it. It generally occurs after a heavy exercising routine. You don’t have to worry about such vaginal discharge.

Bloody or Brown

It generally occurs during or right after your menstruation. This form of discharge which is occurred at the end of the period, might look brown than red. You might have also experienced bloody discharge during or before your periods which is called spotting. If it occurs between your menstrual cycles, it is perfectly normal. In case you experience it on general days of the month, or after you have unprotected sex, it can be a sign of pregnancy.

Yellow or Green

It is usually thick and chunky and comes with an unpleasant smell. It is a common sign of trichomoniasis, and you need to get the treatment as early as possible. This type of infection is caused mainly from sexual intercourse.

The Bottom Line

One must not ignore the signs that the body gives as negligence can lead to increasing the severity of the issues. Vaginal discharge is a common occurrence in a woman’s body. It is important to pay attention to the discharge in order to detect the abnormalities at the early stage before the situation worsens.

There are different causes of vaginal discharge that can lead to several issues. You must be aware of the type of discharge you are having. The above mentioned were some of the common types of vaginal discharge that are found in women.