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ERCP stands for Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography. It is a procedure that looks at the bile ducts, done through an endoscope.

  • Bile ducts are the tubes that carry bile from the liver to the gallbladder and small intestine.
  • ERCP is used to treat stones, tumours, or narrowed areas of the bile ducts.

The procedure is used mainly to treat problems of pancreas or bile ducts that can cause abdominal pain and jaundice.

Used for:
  • Open the entry of the ducts into the bowel (sphincterotomy)
  • Stretch out narrow segments (bile duct strictures)
  • Remove or crush gallstones
  • Diagnose conditions such as biliary cirrhosis or sclerosing cholangitis
  • Take tissue samples to diagnose a tumor of the pancreas, bile ducts, or gallbladder
  • Drain blocked areas